Author: Jill Phipps

Choosing your next home

When thinking about downsizing, seniors often have a difficult time determining where their next home should be. Seniors residence? Condo? Independent living? Assisted living? These are some factors to consider. Your age and level of independence. A 90 year old…

Shredding for a cause

Now is the time to go through your old financial documents and clear out the filing cabinets.  If you have BC TEL bills dating back to 1987, this is the event for you!   The Victoria Hospice Society is hosting…

Its going to be a hot weekend!

Don’t forget your elderly neighbours who may need a check in. Hot weather can be difficult for seniors, especially if they have respiratory difficulties.

Relocation Stress Syndrome

Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is a condition brought on by the changes that result when one moves to a different living environment.  It is more often reported amongst the elderly, particularly when transitioning into a care facility.