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Shredding for a cause

Now is the time to go through your old financial documents and clear out the filing cabinets.  If you have BC TEL bills dating back to 1987, this is the event for you!   The Victoria Hospice Society is hosting…

Relocation Stress Syndrome

Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is a condition brought on by the changes that result when one moves to a different living environment.  It is more often reported amongst the elderly, particularly when transitioning into a care facility.

Life Lessons From Our Clients

My staff and I talk all the time about the life lessons we have learned from supporting our clients through the process of transition.  Here are a few notable ones:

Support Your Parents Through Transition

Moving represents one of life’s biggest challenges, especially when a person has lived in the same home for many years.  Often a late-in-life move is necessitated by a decline in health or the death of a spouse.  Understandably, this can…