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Keep Calm and Carry On

Its our Mantra and it should be yours, too. Moving is stressful.  Whether you are moving across town, or across the country, there can and will be problems that come up that will cause stress.  Its the nature of the…

Life Lessons From Our Clients

My staff and I talk all the time about the life lessons we have learned from supporting our clients through the process of transition.  Here are a few notable ones:

Support Your Parents Through Transition

Moving represents one of life’s biggest challenges, especially when a person has lived in the same home for many years.  Often a late-in-life move is necessitated by a decline in health or the death of a spouse.  Understandably, this can…

Patty Mack Interview

Patty Mack of CFAX 1070 interviewed Jill on her Lifestyles talkshow.  Listen to Jill tell Patty how she helps Victoria seniors move and downsize with ease.

Smart Downsizing

Moving can be overwhelming. Wondering what to do with years of possessions accumulated in the garage and attic can be enough to make a person think it’s just easier to stay put. But when your living space no longer meets…