We take care of you AND your belongings.

We take care of you AND your belongings.

Moving Services

Our moving services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Organizing and Downsizing

We help you get organized and downsize to whatever extent is necessary. We help you sell, donate or dispose of the items you no longer want. Don’t worry, your closets don’t scare us! We use auction services to sell things you don’t want.   We also support local charities so the items you no longer have use for will help others.

Space Planning

We use floor planning software to determine what furniture will fit in your new home.  

Packing and Unpacking

We provide full service packing and unpacking services including bringing all supplies.  We have systems for unpacking so things will be back in place properly after your move day.

Getting Settled Again

We provide an efficient and organized unpack so you feel comfortable in your new home right away. On moving day, your belongings will be fully unpacked. We’ll make your bed, set up your computer, phones and television, and your belongings will be carefully unpacked and organized. Important items like eyeglasses and medications will be where you need them. We unpack with your safety and comfort in mind. We also remove all packing materials so it will look like “home again” by the end of move day.

Preparing your home for sale

We help you prepare your home for sale. We can arrange for minor repairs, and clean and stage your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. We will work with your realtor to help you get top dollar.

Auction/Donation/Disposal Services

We work with auction services and private buyers and assist you to sell, donate and dispose of all remaining contents of the home when it is sold.  We will deal with every last item of the house that you or family members do not wish to keep.