We take care of you AND your belongings.

We take care of you AND your belongings.

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Here’s what our clients have to say…

Sandy M.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working with Jill when she helped my mother relocate from her home in Victoria to a Retirement Residence in White Rock, BC. My mother and I interviewed several people, and we chose Jill for many reasons. She is friendly, energetic, patient, professional, efficient, flexible, and had the best knowledge of the industry of everyone we interviewed. We made the right choice, indeed.

Jill made the transition for my mother as easy as possible, and with minimal fuss and absolutely no stress. Not only did she make my mother feel very comfortable about the move, she also encouraged her to look forward to the positive changes that were waiting for her on the other end of the move.

Her patience and flexibility were some of her most commendable attributes, considering the potential stress surrounding moving an 85 year old widow into a completely new environment.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jill and the service she provides. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that may ever need this kind of service.


Let me say that your service was above and beyond anything I could have ever envisioned. It was a difficult move decision for me. Your entire team and, of course, you (I know how hard you worked on the cleaning of my house) were amazing. After the realtor for the buyers accompanied the new owner to the house on Tuesday morning, she got in touch with my realtor to let her know how wonderful the house looked. I simply could not have done this without you. I will always be willing to give a heartfelt recommendation of your company to anyone contemplating a relocation.

Bruce L.

Jill has wonderful empathy with her clients and my mother was immediately at ease with Jill and her approach to the process. She was extraordinarily patient and reassuring. Having her involved made the process of moving much less emotionally trying for my mother and, as importantly, for the immediate family. I was physically distant from the move for much of the time and I had complete faith that Jill would carry the process through.

From a business perspective Jill was efficient, thorough, trustworthy. She adhered to the budget upon which we had agreed and there were no ‘surprises’ in fees or charges.

Moving ones parents to alternative housing is an emotionally draining process yet Jill shepherded all of us with tact and compassion. An exceptional individual who I have recommended to family and friends. I don’t know how she does it but I am enormously grateful that she does.

Kathy D.

Thank you for your attention to detail, professionalism and the “personal touch” you brought to the job.

Your service took a lot of pressure off us and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to potential clients.


Thank you so much for such a stress free and efficient service in helping to relocate me and my possessions from my house to an apartment. Everything went as planned, right down to the furniture placement and the cupboards and drawers filled as they were before the move. I was also very pleased, as was my real Estate Agent, when we made a final inspection and turned in the keys to the house, to note how clean and presentable the house was for the new owners, who later wrote to me and expressed their thanks and appreciation for the “Immaculate Condition” in which you left the premises ready for their occupation.

Shirley D.

I live in Ontario, and when faced with the difficult task of having to clear out the contents of a seniors apartment in Victoria I turned to Jill Phipps for advice and help. We discussed my requirements over the telephone and Jill and her staff took care of everything in a quick and efficient manner, allowing me to return home feeling confident that my needs would be met. Jill kept me informed every step of the way in a professional and courteous manner and I highly recommend her services.

Lynn D.

We are very grateful for the caring, professional manner of you and your team during this stressful time in our lives and will have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Best wishes for your future business success and once again, thanks so much for everything!

Amanda H.

Home Again helped my mother move from her condo to an independent living suite while she was in the hospital. Jill made sure my mother was a part of the process, and worked with me to get Mum’s things sorted out. She took care of all the details, from arranging the move, to packing the boxes, to disposing of the things Mum didn’t want to take with her. On the day of the move, everything was unpacked and put in place and the new suite looked like home right away. Jill and her staff were professional, efficient, and, just as importantly, friendly and supportive through a difficult transition. I have already recommended Home Again to a friend whose mother is planning a move, and will continue to recommend them in the future.

Valerie Edwards

Jill Phipps and her crew did an amazing job of helping my elderly clients downsize and move to their new residence. Her attention to detail and going the extra mile, including having the house cleaned for the new owners, made my “after-sale” care much easier. My clients were also very pleased at how things went. Thanks Jill for a job well done.

Nancy L.

I decided to move from a room on the 4th floor, a long way from the elevator or anywhere in my building, to a room on the second floor, much closer to everything. On moving day I greeted Jill and her team, went out for the day, and came home to find all well, everything in its place, and my bed all ready. A hassle-free way to move! Thank you!

Jill B.

Everything was perfect … and the extra care and attention to detail inspiring. I could never have experienced such an easy move without you.

Elaine H.

I cannot speak too highly of the exceptional service and efficiency that your company, Home Again, gave me. It far surpassed my expectations – from our initial meeting, when you outlined the procedures until the final transfer. Everything and more, was just perfect. Everything was unpacked and placed just so, the furniture was positioned just right, my clothes sorted and packed away better than I could have done! I have sung your praises to everyone and will continue to do so. There’s no doubt your company will continue to flourish with the expertise you offer. With all good wishes for your future success and many thanks for making my move as painless as possible.

Jill M.

Thanks again for everything. We will certainly be recommending you (and the movers) to others. Can’t even imagine tackling the move without you and your team.

B. MacKenzie

I contacted Home Again on the recommendation of a friend and am so glad I did! I faced a monumental task moving my aunt from her home into an assisted living facility and Home Again made the task manageable. They treated my aunt with understanding and patience at the outset and then worked with me to pare down her belongings with respect and care while still working efficiently. Being from out of town, it was wonderful to lean on their familiarity with the services and facilities available in Victoria for the dispersal of house contents (auction, donation, disposal). It was such a pleasure to work with the Home Again team. I could not have accomplished the task without them and highly recommend their services to others.


I wanted to say what a wonderful job you and your team did, I am sure I would have a great deal of difficulty dealing with all of it by myself. I did enjoy working with your group as they were so kind and caring and that means an awful lot at a time like that. Thank you all!!! All the best.


I loved what you did, Jill. You are a first class act. A big thank you! My place is a dream come true.


You can’t imagine how much you have helped my family with a task so overwhelming and so bitter sweet. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all that you have done. I will definitely mention your name should anyone come looking for a miracle worker.


The time and care your team took to wrap and go through everything, separating family / auction / donation was priceless. I honestly don’t think we would have been that thorough and/or patient and by the 3rd day EVERYTHING would have ended up in the bin.

Tim C.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your great team for a great move last month. We absolutely could not have done it and still kept our sanity. After living in the same house for over 12 years there was much to be organized, packed and discarded. Thanks to your ladies, Sheena, Chris and Deb the task moved along very quickly. Cartons were so well labeled that it was easy to locate items at the new location. Beds were made and dishes put away. What a blessing!We have never had such an effortless, smooth move in all our 51 years of marriage which included 19 moves. Thank you for your care and wonderful staff.

Margaret S.

I appreciated how professional you all were and how you all treated me with respect. I could not have done this on my own. You put things away with care. Thanks to each of you.