We take care of you AND your belongings.

We take care of you AND your belongings.

Don’t Wait to Downsize! Five Tips to Get Started Today

For many people, there comes a time when our mind makes a subtle shift to viewing downsizing as a good thing rather than the inevitable consequence of aging.  Tending lawns and gardens become burdensome and we realize we’re spending a lot of time dusting furniture in mostly unused bedrooms save for the once or twice a year when the grandkids come to visit.
We long for a simplified lifestyle with less chores and more freedom to travel or do the things we enjoy.  Unfortunately, one look in the attic or basement may be enough to convince you you’re better off just staying put.  After all, someone is going to have to sort all those things you’ve accumulated over the years.  They’re not going to fit in the condo you are thinking about and just what are you going to do with all this STUFF?

The time to downsize is right now.  If you don’t think you’ll be ready to move for a few years, then perfect!  You’ll be well organized and ready to go if you start right now.  The longer you have, the better.

How to get started right now:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race.  If you do a little each week or even each month, when the time comes you’ll be ready to go with minimal disruption.  Big Brothers and Sisters calls me every month to see if I have items for pick up.  Get on their list and take advantage of this great service.
  2. Share with your loved ones.  If you have items you intend to will to your children, give them to them now.  You’ll experience the pleasure of seeing these treasures loved by others and you’ll clear up some space in your home.
  3. Stop collecting.  Are you guilty of saving margarine containers, twist ties or recipes from magazines for later use?  One of the most satisfying tasks you’ll do is to reduce your collection of these unused items.  If you really think you’ll need that margarine container, save two and recycle the rest.  Most importantly, don’t collect any more!
  4. Start with less used rooms first.  The process can be daunting.  We suggest you start with rooms seldom used in your home as the decisions about what to save and what to get rid of tends to be easier
  5. Hire a professional.  A Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist can come into your home and help you through the process.  They are knowledgeable about where unused items can go in your community (donation/auction/recycle/etc.) and can both guide you through the process and do the heavy work.

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