We take care of you AND your belongings.

We take care of you AND your belongings.

You may need to downsize, if….

This is kind of a fun (and cheeky!) poke at all of us who hold on to too much for no particularly good reason.  Downsizing is hard but its useful.  If you’re moving into a smaller space, its time to take a good, hard look at the things you’re holding onto and whether they still serve a useful purpose in your life.

You may need to downsize, if…..

  • You have been saving magazines (for recipes!) and haven’t used the recipe or looked in the magazine in the past five years.

  • You have at least a half dozen decks of cards and no one in your home likes to play cards.

  • Your stash of margarine containers is threatening to fall onto the head of an unsuspecting family member attempting to put the dishes away.

  • You have twist ties in your kitchen drawer older than your oldest child.

  • Your evening dresses from the 60’s are still hanging in your bedroom closet.

  • The shoes you wore to be a bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding is also still in your closet.

  • The applehead doll your daughter made you for Mother’s Day one year is in the cedar chest with no head and no dress.

  • You have sets of sheets for a bed you no longer own.

  • You have more than four mismatched pillowcases.

  • You have more than two hammers, one staplegun and one wheelbarrow.

  • You have 8 track tapes or records but nothing to play them on.

  • You have BC Tel bills that date back to 1987 and the rotary phone to match.

  • You have household items you are saving for your children/grandchildren/neighbour/a museum/public library/ charity that you have been saving for more than 6 months.

If this sounds like you, call us today and we’ll help you find a new home for the unused twist ties and we’ll get those BC Tel bills to the shredder where they belong.

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