We take care of you AND your belongings.

We take care of you AND your belongings.

Floorplans: An essential tool for a smooth transition

One of the most agonizing aspects of downsizing and moving to a smaller space is deciding what to take.  While some furniture pieces we own will have practical use, others hold deep personal meaning regardless of their functionality.  Deciding which pieces to take, when we can only take a small percentage can be a difficult choice.

We use a floor planning tool with most clients.  This eliminates a lot of guesswork.  There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new home on moving day and discovering the 7 foot long sofa does not fit along the wall in the living room where you had intended it to go.

We always tell clients that the floor plan doesn’t lie.  It and our client’s furniture is drawn to scale so if it looks crowded on the paper, its going to look crowded in the suite. On the other hand, the floor plan often allows us to fit additional pieces once the main furniture has been placed.

If you’re considering a move to a smaller space, consider taking the time to have a floor plan with your furniture drawn to scale.  It can potentially save a lot of headache on moving day.

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